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- Film and Video production -

The drop team is very proud of its film production activities, which got stronger and stronger and increased within the company in the last few years. We produce high quality documentation’s in a broad range of field among others in sports, culture, event, hospitality, and hotel industry. Our clients request image-videos more often meanwhile we work on longer documentary and art-films too. We are open to unique ideas and desires, various projects companies require for their internal and external communications.

- Quality -

We produce all our film productions in future-proof HD format, for that we work with the most modern equipment’s and our cameramen are skilled to exploit their potential professionally (or those potential are fully exploited by our experienced cameramen). But know-how is not all. Our camera team’s art background contributes to their particularly high expectations upon their own film productions, their specific and sense reflects in their movies. We place high value on the editing since (the professionalism / high performance) of a video depends on such fine details, technical solutions and editing techniques which may not detected by a layman but will determine a movie in the end. It’s important for us to bring dynamic and life in our films and we believe this differentiate our productions from other creative companies.

Drop Workshop Showreal 2016

Hotel Edelweiss und Gurgel 2016

Gletscherblick Luxus Apartments

Sinks's Textile - Factory video

Audi Ski Show

Obergurgl - Hochgurgl Freeride video

Range Rover Evoque Si4 Coupé test drive

Gps Freeride Session

Chill and Ride 4 - Gps Bmx Jam 2011

Norma Park